What to Expect When Hiring a Wedding Hair + Makeup Artist

Hiring a wedding makeup artist and hairstylist may seem like a risky task to some. Many fear the possibility of a "cake face", or a scam artist. Although stories of horrible experiences haunt the makeup artistry profession, it is not always the case. Usually, hiring a wedding makeup artist is like the yummy icing on your perfect wedding cake.

Makeup artists are trained professionals to make any person look (and feel) their absolute best. We understand color theory, skin disorders, skin textures and facial features/structure. We just understand skin: oil, dryness, sensitivity, breakouts, etc. Weddings, in my opinion, is the best time to hire a makeup artist. For every bride, the wedding day: is not the day to worry about your makeup and hair... you shouldn't have to raise a finger for anyone! It is your morning to relax (as best as possible).

I'll include some pointers and tips for a bride-to-be debating if hiring a makeup and hair team is worth it. Because, well, it totally is.

  • You don't have to get yourself ready; there's a glam squad for that. Are you ever 75% through the getting ready process and your eyeliner just won't cooperate? Or your hair isn't doing the thing you want it to do, or the outfit you wanted to wear just isn't looking right? Well, imagine those horrible things happening on the biggest day of your life. Hire a makeup + hair team! You won't have to worry about your eyeliner being uneven, or that stubborn pimple not properly being concealed. We are here to make sure you look, and feel, just as you should: beautiful and confident. 
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  •  Exceptionally trained skill comes at a price. Makeup and hair artistry is no exception to the saying "if it's too good to be true, it probably is". If you find a makeup + hair team who is eye-catchingly cheap, I would consider that a red flag. A "bargain" price comes with inexperience, lack of professionalism, and lack of education. Highly skilled, trained artists with fully stocked & sanitized kits are worth more, therefore priced higher. On average, bridal hair/makeup artists will charge $150-500 for bridal services in the Philadelphia area. 


  • Pick a bridal look that compliments you. This is a huge tip I always tell my brides. Do not pick a "trendy" makeup style for your wedding day! Trends come and go with time, and the last thing you want is to look back on your wedding photos with disgust, regret, or embarrassment. Instagram-famous "contour", "strobing", or "baking" fads work great for those who are selling it online (ambassadors/influencers), but they do not work as well for brides, trust me! Bridal makeup should be naturally enhancing, timeless, and it looks like YOU. My signature bridal look consists of perfected skin (thank you skincare!), lightly defined eyes and brows, peachy cheeks, and kissable lips.... all customized and tailored to enhance your features. #TimelessBride
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  • You will not regret those false eyelashes and airbrushing! Falsies and airbrushing are the bomb dot com, especially for photography. False lashes frame your eyes perfectly, open them up and give your entire look a little more oomph. Little industry secret: every single celebrity photo you see (especially red carpet) includes false lashes. Airbrush makeup is just as essential as falsies for a bride. Most airbrush foundations are either water or silicone base (in other words, they "adhere" to the skin and are SUPER lightweight, and sweat resistant), and long wearing. In my bridal kit, I use silicone based airbrush foundations which have a 16-24 hour wear and are 100% sweat and tear resistant. That's makeup insurance. 


  • Makeup artists are not magicians. We're pretty darn close though. We can manipulate light and dark shades on the face to sculpt features, we can make lips appear fuller, we can also do everything in our power to make eyes look wider. But, we cannot take away skin texture. Please remember that makeup only color corrects and conceals skin concerns. Makeup is only as good as the skin underneath of it :-) If you have reoccurring skin concerns, consult with a dermatologist or esthetician prior to your wedding. Those professionals will put you on the right path for clearer skin.