Top 3 Makeup Misconceptions

Let's BUST some makeup misconceptions! Hey bride-to-be, this is especially important for you when searching for your ideal wedding makeup artist. 


Heavier Makeup is a MUST for Photos 

MYTH: Makeup needs to be heavily applied in order to appear flawless in photos. Applying more layers will result in a smoother appearance on film/camera. 

TRUTH: In photography, it is true that about 30% of all makeup is lost. In order for the makeup to show, more does need to be applied. HOWEVER- this needs to be strategic. Not every product used needs to be applied heavier in order to appear flawless in photos. It is up to the makeup artist to determine the fine line between too much makeup and too little for photos. 


"Baking" Makeup is a MUST

MYTH: "Baking" your makeup makes it perfected, located in, and smoother.

TRUTH: A seasoned, skilled professional avoids 'cake face', flashback and also creates perfected makeup. 'Baking' setting powder results in dry texture which enhances fine lines, and very noticeable flashback in photos. Baking the setting powder originated from stage theatrical makeup and drag. This technique is used to heavily set makeup for stage performers who are in hot lighting and dancing. Baking IS NOT for makeup being photographed with or without flash (weddings, photoshoots, red carpet, etc).

baking fail 3.jpg

Airbrush makeup is too heavy

MYTH: Airbrush foundation is heavy and noticeable. 

TRUTH: Airbrush foundation - when done properly - creates a flawless, natural look. You cannot feel or see it on the skin. I highly recommend it for sensitive or problematic skin. 

brides 1.JPG


When hiring a professional, you are not only hiring their skill set, but also their knowledge, experienceand expertise. Make sure you invest your time, money and trust into an artist who understands the truths of makeup, and knows how to create the best look for you - for any setting!